Find Your True North

Asana Sculpt


TO EXTREME TEMPERATURES OR CONTORTING ALL THE BODY IS THE IDEA THAT WE HAVE ABOUT YOGA, BUT WHAT ABOUT A PRACTICE THAT FLOWS WITH THE BREATH, ADDING CANDLES, MUSIC, STRENGTH: THIS IS ASANA SCULPT. A | SANA SCULPT is a yoga studio that intends to make the practice of yoga a unique experience both in the physical and in the emotional. A | SANA SCULPT brings a new level of practice to Mexico through an infrared heating system whose benefits are improving circulation, relieving pain, accelerating metabolism, losing weight and more. We have different classes adapted for all levels of experience. Candlelight Flow, Sculpt, Strength, Investments, AirYoga, Meditation, AcroYoga. After each class you can experience pure satisfaction and be in tune with your body and mind. At the same time you are making changes in your life style. At Asana Sculpt we love to consent the client so we do special classes with reggae, classical, jazz, 80s, etc. We also have several workshops and special classes like full moon flowing in a dark space with candles and our star class of Sound Off Experience wirh headphones with the intention of disconnecting from the outside world to connect from within.