Find Your True North

Chantelle Rawlings


Aerial Yoga brings the heavens down to the earth; it allows you to drink in the beauty of flight, swallow the elixir of transformative energy that restores and re-energises you, letting your body relax into alignment.

Chantelle’s intention is to create an experience where you can move freely and discover the infinite possibilities within yourself as you learn the elation of trust and rediscover the joy of play. Her world travels have helped her to learn this craft, extending and expanding her understanding of the human body and the beauty of the human heart. She has over a decade of training and teaching experience in a wide array of the Performance Arts spanning between Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Upon her return to Australia, she was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that left her in a constant struggle with debilitating pain. As a result, she developed depression, put on 25 Kilograms and thought that she would be forever trapped in a body that no longer felt like hers. Then she discovered Aerial Yoga. The silks were her salvation, supporting her as she struggled to regain her health. It was an intensely personal journey that has resulted in a metamorphosis in her relationship with self, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. On this path of healing, health, and purpose she successfully released her excess weight, regained her strength, and has subsequently certified as an instructor in both Aerial Yoga and ACROVINYASA.

The practice of Yoga is a gift that she is so grateful to experience as a student and share as a teacher.

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