Find Your True North

Lara Zilibowitz


Lara is an internationally touring yoga teacher and artist with a long-standing passion for creative expression through the body. Movement and creativity have been her medicine in her own quest towards health and she revels in the opportunity to share this inner alchemy with students.

She is renowned for her fluid and dynamic teaching style delivered with heartfelt poetic prose, inviting students to savour the texture of every sensation and the flavour of every breath as a portal into revelation and dynamic moving meditation.

A class with Lara is raw, playful and powerful as we journey from the outside in. Inspired deeply by the teachings inherent in nature, each practice is a call for conscious connection with ourselves and the world around us – liberating creative life force and finding freedom in every cell.

Lara spreads this energy across the globe leading workshops and retreats and is faculty on numerous international yoga conferences and teacher trainings, including an assistant to her main teacher, global movement alchemist Shiva Rea. She is a resident teacher at BodyMindLife studios in Sydney, a key influence for lifestyle brands such as Wanderlust festivals, Lululemon athletica and Aveda hair and skin care, and has graced the cover of Yoga Journal Australia. When she globe-trotting, and empowering others, you’ll likely find Lara dancing and art-making in her home town of Bondi Beach.

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