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Balancing The Chakras Through Yoga

Yogiraj Alan Finger & Sarah Platt-Finger

The chakras are wheels of energy that serve as the headquarters of each element that our body is made up of: earth, water, fire, air, and space. They govern our physical, emotional, and energetic state.

In this day-long immersion, we will explore the different chakras, their imbalances, and how they can be re-aligned through physical postures, sound, and visualization. Sarah will help you to harmonize the chakras through asanas, while Alan will share the tools of kriya and meditation to create inner and outer resonance. We will also explore the emotional effects of the chakras and how the integrated science of Hatha and tantra can heal deep-rooted patterns within us. Find balance within yourself and the universe, bringing clarity, wisdom, and universal intelligence into each moment of your life.

About Your Guides

Yogiraj Alan Finger & Sarah Platt-Finger

Sarah Platt-Finger is the Co-founder of ISHTA Yoga, one of the top 7 yoga studios in Manhattan, with her husband, Yogiraj Alan Finger. Sarah is one of the most sought after teachers in NYC, and has created one of the most highly respected teacher training programs in the industry. She also leads trainings and workshops internationally. Her signature class, “Sweat and Samadhi” has been featured in Well and Good, Yoga U Online, and Origin magazine. Sarah is a brand ambassador for Lululemon and the Board Chair for Exhale to Inhale, a non-profit organization that teaches yoga to survivors of domestic…
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